Life before internet is limited and Timid.

Do you remember life before the internet?

I remembered, I was 18 years before I start using phone and before then , no laptop no television, I mean no access to internet at all.

In other words, 17 down was spent without internet.

I remembered, the play with siblings and also my friends.

I remembered the fight on the dinning table, how we fight and hit each other spoon.

I also remember,How me and my sister next to me use to fight of who Daddy will carry that’s before the school age.

I remembered, the toy baby 🧸 that I do back. I don’t play with it then.

I don’t really feel lonely  because I remember  school with studies.

I use to take the second position and I was not satisfied with it. So I remember how I do study hard in oder to take first position.

I remembered when I was appointed as the disciplinary prefect of the school.

My house is far from my school and no provision for transport money. I have to wake up very early in oder to be in school before 7am.

No electricity light in my area then but because of my position in school and even before the position, I make sure I iron my uniform and look neat, with charcoal pressing iron.

All these activities kept me so busy before internet stage of my life. But the truth remains that life before internet is limited and timid.

Today everybody is busy with phone.

And more friends we meet, more opportunities and connection, More knowledge, More insight.

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